Obligatory General Warning

Beware social justice warriors, tools, asshats, and pusillanimous bitches. The content on this site may offend your delicate sensibilities and cause you to curl into a fetal position whilst gently suckling your thumb and dreaming of your safe place. You have been warned! ♥

What transpires are the wild and riotous musings of an unapologetic explorer of life and the mysterious machinations of the human heart.

I have included a copy of my short story as well as a number of my original poems. Under the Musings menu I will be posting various random nonsense and observations that pop into my noggin.

Bear with me as this site is a work in progress. I will add more content (including an excerpt of my in progress novel) in the coming days.

Please feel free to comment on the content herein and/or reach out to me via the contact page or by emailing me admin@brassknucklepoet.com

Brass Be With You

The Brass Knuckle Poet