you always close your eyes when I kiss you
should I close my heart when I miss you
should I ride into your fairy tale
and claim you as my prize

I drink in the red wine of your eyes
as the music dances in my head
intoxicated with the riotous possibilities
of you naked in my bed
can my heart beat any faster
you and I
what a beautiful disaster

I hold you close
with all my might
tie our fate between my teeth
what a beautiful disaster
we might make
if only for a moment

in a perfect moment
my hand flat on your chest
laying in the darkness
your heart beats warm and childlike
I feel complete in our serenity
if only for a moment

but are you really laying next to me
or somewhere far away
dreaming of something else
you can’t or won’t convey?

I’ll hang upside down on your dreaming tree
can you be the woman I need you to be
can I capture lightning in my fist
will you be my beautiful disaster

Beautiful Disaster (a poem)
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