I found you standing on the corner of here and nowhere
you gave me a “fuck me” look
I was wearing my “fuck off” glare
I was headed to somewhere just west of hell
when your storm sucked me in and left me
washed up on your shore

I grabbed your hand and said “let’s run this red light”
we can roll these streets like Bonnie and Clyde
mad dog gangsters high from the restless fury of the night
where the half assed promises of prom queens and paper kings
flush down the gutter beneath our running feet

See my heart is having a limited time half off sale
and you look like a lucky charm I lost so long ago
with your eyes shining in the fractured light
of a broken street lamp
and your hair like a phoenix wing waving
about your freckled face

So you can dance skintight like Barbarella
I can crack my whip like Indiana Jones
let’s find a comfy dumpster to crash out in
when our chase of the night leaves us
wrecked at sunrise’s door

we can wake up and pretend it all never happened
whitewash the mayhem but passion doesn’t lie
we can lift ourselves up and shake off the debris
then I will roll on my way with you by my side

Dumpster Diving (a poem)
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