My heart aches
and bubbling overflows with childish laughter
My lavender stained lips
pull another deep gulp
from the glass

The aches and pains and sorrows
flee my soul like brigands
fleeing the scene of the crime
at midnight

Something quivers on the horizon
some promise of riotous adventure
like insouciant children
hunting treasure on a spring morning

I feel the burdens of age
the gray hairs, the scars, the hollow memories
being dissolved with each deep gulp

Aphrodite beckons me
naked and carefree
she kisses me deeply
her body warm and ripe

Hand in hand we run
naked through the green spring grass
galloping like wild immortal horses
freed from oppressive masters

One more gulp
one more goddess kiss
one more naked dance
through the Garden of Eden

Where lighter than air
floating, floating
at last
that beautiful halcyon place
where I belong

Wine For Breakfast (a poem)
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