A chaotic wind furiously encircles us
I hold you in my arms to anchor you
I fear this blustery wind
I fear that it will blow you
up and away from me forever

a crisp sheet of paper
enscripted with a poem
snatched from my arms
and swirled away to neverwas

I look into your eyes
as your hair whips about your face
unsure of what I see in there
what is this thing between us
that whispers of tremendous promise
yet beats about in the wind
with reckless uncertainty

I kiss you and taste furious passion
I want to be your anchor
to hold you naked and strong
against the malevolent winds

let them suck us both into oblivion
we will defy the angry torrent
with the fierceness of our hunger
and the inextinguishable flame in our hearts

I pull you tighter against me
I feel your throbbing heart beat
let this wind bluster
I will never let you go

Bluster (a poem)
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