I was asleep at the wheel
motoring in circles on a corroded dream
you knocked me over with a roundhouse kick
Saying “don’t worry honey you won’t feel a thing”
Just a clueless knight in rusted armor
and a maiden in a dirty dress
awash in a storm of broken promises
that left us in this mess
let’s ride this cloudburst out together
ride like hell toward the breaking dawn
breathless and naked in the sweet morning grass
I will hold you in my arms
In the violence of our passion
I will pin your arms and broken wing
with my only superpower
I will look into the heart you hide from me
I will kiss you with fire, and fervor, and fortune
I will trace the tender beauty of your face
we will dance in the ruins of this world together
skin to skin in love’s riotous embrace

Dancing In The Ruins (a poem)
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