For quite some time in my life I was dissatisfied with the status quo. I was in a career that was unfulfilling, with a woman that was not suited for me that I had no passion for. I was floundering, treading water.

I would dream of running away to a secluded Island and lay in a hammock half of the day then drink rum and make love with a nameless woman the other half. It was a beautiful dream but not based in reality.

How many of us dislike our lives and are waiting for someone else to fix things for us? Women dream of the gallant knight in polished armor who will carry them away from their woes and leave them trembling in wet passion.

Men dream of abandoning their life in totality and running away to Amsterdam to sell pork hotdogs to the jewish tourists.

The hard cold truth is that NO ONE is going to come into your life and fix your problems!! No One! YOU have to fix your issues. The saviour is you!

You have to fix your problems. This entails having the courage to do what you need to do no matter how much it sucks, no matter how much bullshit you have to deal with. The upside of this is that each time you exercise courage to solve a problem you gain self confidence.

My life sucked. I blew it all up. I quit 2 jobs, I left my woman. It was excruciatingly painful short term and it took extreme courage. Subsequently I gained confidence. I no longer dream of running away. Now my dreams are of getting published and becoming a full time writer. I am working towards that dream. It is a goal based in reality.

You need to solve your own problems. Stop looking for some outside force to feed you answers or come in and clean up your mess. Jump out of the hamster wheel and take a sledge hammer to the fucker. Step outside of your comfort zone. For each measure of courage you exercise to fix a problem you gain confidence for the future.
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No One Is Coming To Save You
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