Dig your nails into my skin
while I kiss that smile
right off your lips
whisper poison in my ear
Jesus how I need a fix

Together we can become more than we seem
the vodka
the music
my nymphamphetamine

You might hate me I don’t know
right now I just can’t let you go
I think my heart might just explode
If you don’t stop kissing me like that

Let’s write each other’s names on the
bathroom wall
fuck it let’s just take this stall
If I don’t pass out we’ll make
each other scream
more vodka
more music
my nymphamphetamine

I might be in love
that’s how I feel
I have a tender heart
for a man of steel
maybe if I could
just find something real
this machine in me
won’t lose its wheels

So look into my eyes
show me what’s inside
I don’t care if it’s a lie
as long as it’s really you

if it feels just right
I just might come clean
I need my fix
my nymphamphetamine


Nymphamphetamine (a poem)
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