It wasn’t your slightly chipped front tooth
It wasn’t the small scar on your chin that happened
when you passed out at Target with low blood sugar
It wasn’t your desultory approach to life,
your expletive laden calls at 1:00am,
or randomly making out with me in the self help
section of the bookstore
It wasn’t the way you would pass out on me
from too much absinthe and I would have to
carry you to our room and put you safely to bed
It wasn’t the way we used to do Scooby Snack shots
at the bar then yell Scooby Dooby Doooo and then you would
kiss me with such fierce passion I thought my pants would melt
The thing that you owned
that sealed the deal
that will always be indelibly and uniquely yours
is the way you used to sit atop me
with me still inside you
your hair sex-strewn and hanging in your face
your voice raspy with lust
eyes cat like and glowing in the dim light
you would look me in the eye
trace my lips with a gentle finger
and tell me that you love me

Indelible (a poem)
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