choke down another round
waiting for the world to end
heart buried 6 ft under ground
remembering what you said

what happened to us?
I’ll never really know
your growing distance
the flickering glow
a faded dream
I sold my heart for stones

it wasn’t always this way
your hand trembling in mine
eyes wide with joy
I never felt so alive

and you kissed me so sweetly
it nearly broke my heart
we lay in the twilight
your head on my chest
soft hair flowing
I could just be myself
breathing as one
your sweet taste on my lips
and a door opened somewhere
inside me somehow
and I lost myself in you….

somehow that faded
like a watercolor dream
dipped in dark sadness
blotted in grey

now it’s all in the past
as I struggle alone
I lost my faith
and may never come home
to face the reality
I sold my heart for stones

Sold My Heart For Stones (a poem)
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