I can chase you around the house
when I catch you – you have to kiss me

I can hold you down on the floor and
tickle you until you almost pee your pants

we can lay in the soft warm grass
and name the stars after all the people we know

I can lift you on my shoulders and
run in circles until I’m dizzy

you can do the Shakira dance in your panties
and I can play the maracas

we can make out in the soft warm rain
with my hand in your hair and I can
tell you I love you

Your kisses taste like wine
your eyes glow with passion
my god you’re so beautiful

I look deep into your eyes
and touch your face
and feel your heart beat

I don’t give a shit what we do
just as long as we do it together….

1001 Things To Do On A Date (a poem)
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