“Your kiss is dangerous”
that’s what she said
I pulled her so close
I could taste her hot breath

my hand rose to the back of her head
I grabbed her hair
and tugged it
then I pushed her away

I sauntered to the bar
turning my back to her
she grabbed my sides
“what’s the matter tough guy –
afraid of a little girl?”

I turned to her
she was beautiful in an intoxicating way
that only a corrupt woman can be
at that moment I coveted her
for her naked passion
and the unbridled wanton feel
of her body in my strong hands

I wanted her
I could feel it in my hip pocket
I pulled her hips to mine

As the fractured chaotic light of the bar
danced riotously about her face
I touched her cheek
I kissed her

with such unmitigated gravity
that the exterior world melted away
and I smelled ylang ylang and lust
as I tasted the wet nectar of passion

somewhere lost in the timeless depths
of that kiss
and the waves of chaotic feeling that
coalesced into the beating of her warm
I could swear I tasted her saying
“I love you”

Dangerous (a poem)
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