These hands….
These hands that have clothed your naked body
caressed your sultry cheek
run gently through your soft hair

these hands
veined, strong, hard, and sure
have flowed like electricity down your spine
cupped the small of your back
gripped your hips
white knuckled and tight
felt the thunderous thumping of your heart between
your breasts
and held your sweet hands in lingering rapture….

These lips
these lips that have tasted your sweet hunger
whispered honeyed evil into your ear
kissed the open expanse of your neck
promised pleasure and tasted it on your body
feeling the electric tension and rapturous joy….

These eyes
these eyes have stood spellbound in your vision
looked deep into your soul
peered into your eyes – wide with hunger
then watering with succulent pleasure
traced the joy of your smile
watched your back arched in ecstasy
then gazed at your sleeping form in innocent

These Hands (a poem)
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